Welding Machines



Miller Electric is the commanding leader in the 400 amp diesel market and is proud to unleash another rock-solid product. The Big Blue® 402 welds with precision smoothness and delivers enough power to dominate 3/8" carbons. Built for extreme conditions, the Big Blue machines have a history of being the most reliable engine drives and the new Big Blue 402 is no exception 

Engine and process choices now allow contractors and fleet owners to select a machine based on their job needs. With multiple engine and process choices, the Big Blue 402 puts you in control.

Miler Welder Mark VI Compact, multiple operator systems supply a complete solution to your demanding multi-arc welding requirements. Four or six modules are available in one rugged steel enclosure

Multiple capabilities CC or CC/CV Versatility and outstanding arc welding performances in both CV (MIG) and CC (TIG and Stick). CC/CV module has a high quality arc for welding with cored wire. CC module has the same great arc characteristics as the Gold Star® 30

Four to six, easy to remove and connect welding modules, can be paralleled for higher output.



The Vantage 400 is one of the most compact 400 amp engine-driven welder/generators in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today. It's also one of the most quiet, with a smooth running 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine. Use this multi-process welder for arc gouging with up to 5/16" carbons, stick welding up to 1/4" electrodes and CV wire welding with up to 3/32" wire. You'll value the superior arc performance delivered by Lincoln Chopper Technology. You'll also appreciate VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) which reduces OCV (open circuit voltage) in the CC-stick weld mode for added safety.

This model efficiency generates 19,000 watts (peak) of 3-phase or 12,000 watts or 1-phase AC generator power for your lights, grinder and power tools. And, it's hosed in a rugged, low maintenance stainless steel enclosure and loaded with many innovative service features. That all totals up to an excellent value!